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Increase ICAP rewards with 76% cost-savings running on Akash Network
Hi there, This is a feature request to both lower operational cost and increase availability through decentralization. It can be achieved by migrating the Invictus Platform, or part thereof, to Akash Network, a decantralized cloud marketplace. A migration to the Akash Network would be an operational efficiency improvement, whose cost savings can be passed on to the Invictus Capital community in the form of ICAP tokens. In slightly more technical terms, Akash is an open-source, serverless Linux container platform that runs any cloud-native and containerized application + faster + more flexible + at lower cost + permissionless + self-sovereign Current cost-saving compared with centralized cloud providers like AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud is at about 76 % on average [see attached print screen of the Akashlytics price comparison (link below)], meaning you can run your platform for about 1/4 of the price, depending on your specs. On Akash you lease a container and specify CPU, RAM and storage required, set a price and the compute provider with the lowest bid gets to run your container. Akash is well established and has partnerships with, amongst others + Equinix Metal, who run 220 data centers in 25 countries + CertiK, whose nodes are deployed on Akash allowing CertiK clients to decentralize their cloud infrastructure + Helium, to provide decentralized cloud to the world's largest IoT network If Invictus and its community is looking to increase the resilience and availability of the platform while also saving money, Akash should be a no-brainer. More info can be found here: Website: Documentation: White Paper: Twitter: Dev & Tech Support: Dashboard: Price comparison:
Publication of transaction history performed by each fund (once a year)
Hi everybody! The feature I am proposing is that Invictus publishes the transactional history (i.e. each position that is bought and sold in e.g. C10 and C20) in regular time intervals for each fund. The two main reasons why I am proposing this are the following: For tax reasons. Assertion that Invictus is meeting its fiduciary obligations towards investors. The long version: For tax reasons. For investors, a documented transaction history would provide additional documentation of taxable events if this is demanded by the tax office (which they might because Invictus is located in the Caymans and even there, not regulated by the Mutual funds law (source: ) Precisely because Invictus is not regulated, this would give additional security that the assets under management are used as intended. This is not meant as a vote of no confidence towards Invictus, but rather coming from a "trust is good, control is better" angle. Especially for the C10 token with its proprietary model parameters, it is hard to tell if fiduciary obligations towards the investors are met if no regulatory agency does that for us. The C10 fund for example gets rebalanced once a week. Theoretically Invictus can rebalance at other time intervals and book gains/losses to their own benefit and the disadvantage of investor's money. Summing up the management fees from the Q1 2021 quarterly report (source: ) the quarterly earnings from fees sum up to roughly $310k a month. How do you even pay your 46 person staff (source: ) with $100k a month? Keep in mind we are in a bull market so returns might even be lower in other quarters. I know I might be missing stuff here, please again, no vote of no confidence intended. But from the information provided, I would feel more comfortable if Invictus provided more information regarding their transaction history. Since Invictus must be logging this data anyway already in order to backtest their models and optimize performance, this shouldn't be too much of a hassle....easy to say, I know;) But the data should be there. If the transactions are only published with a one-year delay, reverse engineering of the model parameters and thus endangering Invictus' IP should also be of no concern. Thanks alot if you read until here!:)
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